• Lighting India
  • Feb 8, 2017

IDLC/IDPC-65 Series

 Mean Well decided to raise the output wattage from 45W to 65W, and has unveiled the 65W IDLC-65 (plastic housing) and IDPC-65 (PCB type) series.

  In order to meet the design and the installation requirements of the indoor luminaires, these two series adopt co-design work (like IDLC-45 and IDPC-45 series) that the differences are merely in the appearance and the mechanism. They both have the same electrical specifications like accepting 180~295VAC input, with built-in active PFC function, providing various models with 700mA / 1050mA / 1400mA / 1750mA constant current output and the highest working efficiency  up to 89%.