• Lighting India
  • Mar 21, 2017

Jasco enters into New Smart Home Territory

 Jasco Products, well known in industry for its Z-Wave lighting technologies, unveiled it’s first-ever Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus LED Smart Bulb. Adding to a comprehensive ecosystem of indoor and outdoor dimmers, switches, sensors and Z-Wave smart controls, Jasco’s Enbrighten LED Smart Bulb is fully dimmable and offers a new way for users to interact with their smart home without requiring any wiring or complicated installation.

  Jasco’s Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus LED Smart Bulb joins the largest line of Z-Wave connected lighting controls in the market that work directly with other Z-Wave enabled products from leading home automation hubs and service providers. The 60-watt equivalent bulb works with all standard light fixtures and lamps and can easily replace existing bulbs allowing you to upgrade to smart control without compromising the design of your home. From the convenience of a smartphone or tablet, turn the lights on and off, dim or brighten a room and set lights according to custom schedules, scenes and events. At 750 lumens, the smart bulb consumes only 9 watts of power while burning bright for up to 25,000 hours. 

  Cameron Trice, CEO of Jasco Products, said, “We continually seek to improve people’s everyday lives. Through our growing smart home solutions, we strive to provide the best connected lighting experiences and drive greater energy and cost efficiencies. By extending our solutions to include smart bulbs, we are unlocking even more value for our customers and partners through capabilities and services that go beyond wireless lighting controls.”