• Lighting India
  • May 16, 2017

VOLT Lighting launches New Landscape Lighting Downlights

 VOLT Lighting, leading factory-direct manufacturer of landscape lighting products, announces a new series of low voltage downlights – The Woodsman. These lights, developed by VOLT engineers in their Innovation Laboratory, feature many new and unique innovations.

  Michael Caselnova Jr., VOLT Director of Marketing and Product Development, describes why these new products were developed, “In the realm of landscape lighting, downlights produce important and compelling effects. Moonlighting is one of these. By installing downlights high into trees and projecting their light through leaves and branches, a moonlighting effect is produced. Our challenge was to create a series of lights that can be safely and easily installed high into a tree.”

  Several new features address the challenge that Caselnova describes. The first of these focuses on ease of installation. Unlike other downlights that are relatively large and heavy, the Woodsman are compact and lightweight. This makes them easy to handle at the top of a ladder.

  Another feature that eases installation is the construction of the new fixture mount. It has a tripod shape that offsets the luminaire several inches from the tree bark. The installer first attaches the mount to the tree. Then, the fixture slides into the mount. A simple hand-tightened retainer ring secures the light in place. Compared to older style mounts, this new system is faster, easier and safer. In addition, the offset mount prevents mold growth to protect the health of the tree.