• Lighting India
  • May 16, 2017

Bihlermed debuted Surgilight, flexible surgical lighting solution, at Aaos 2017

 BihlerMED, a well known provider of medical illumination technology and devices, in partnership with View Medical, introduced the Surgilight surgical lighting system at the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS 2017), at the San Diego Convention Centre, on March 14-18. Attendees had the opportunity to experience demonstrations of the lighting device in person at BihlerMED Booth #4914.

  Dan Coppersmith, Sales and Marketing Manager for BihlerMED, said, “AAOS 2017 is the ideal place and time to introduce Surgilight, considering the critical importance that precision lighting plays in today’s orthopedic procedures.”

  Surgilight provides versatile and safe illumination, which can be focused on specific surgical procedures. The device overcomes the limitations of traditional overhead surgical lighting by allowing the LED light source to be precisely directed above the patient via a long, flexible and maneuverable shaft. Overhead mounting is easily achieved by replacing the light handle; mounting to side rail clamps is another essential option. The result is the safe illumination of a precise surgical area from virtually any angle.

  Coppersmith explained, “When surgeons are working with overhead lighting, their head and hands often create unwanted shadows. With Surgilight’s highly maneuverable and adjustable illumination, shadows are quickly and easily mitigated.”