• Lighting India
  • Jun 20, 2017

Universal Completes ESR Series of Electronic Sign Ballasts with Series-Wired Model

 Universal Lighting Technologies, a well known player in commercial lighting and a member of the Panasonic Group, will expand its ESR Series of electronic sign ballasts for magnetic replacement with the addition of rapid-start, series-wired ballasts. The ESR Series is a direct replacement option for magnetic ballasts in existing T8HO and T12HO illuminated signs.

  The ESR Series sign ballasts increase the company’s comprehensive lineup of solutions for sign and outdoor illumination and offer another alternative for magnetic ballast replacement. For use in series-wired applications, the ESR Series ballasts provides superior lamp life even in cold-temperature environments.

  Universal developed the ESR Series to fill a ballast replacement need left in the market due to energy efficiency rules from the U.S. Department of Energy that make traditional magnetic sign products obsolete.

  The ESR Series Electronic Sign Ballasts are designed for series lamp operation and wired for 4’ to 8’ of one-to-six lamps. The product features rapid-start operation, active power factor correction, universal input voltage (120 to 277VAC) and series lamp operation, along with a four-year warranty.

  In addition to the ESR Series electronic sign ballast line, Universal offers two other solutions in its outdoor illumination continuum for replacing and upgrading magnetic products in existing T8HO and T12HO illuminated signs.

  • ESB Electronic Sign Ballasts in conjunction with a Wiring Block, a tool that assists the conversion of series wired magnetic ballast to parallel wired, instant start ballast, for improved efficiency and lamp operation.
  • LED Driver and LED Sign Tubes, a complete LED solution that is up to 80%  more efficient than a traditional fluorescent system.

Website: www.unvlt.com