• Lighting India
  • Nov 8, 2017

MEGAMAN unveils TECOH THx LED Light Engine

 MEGAMAN, a forward-thinking LED innovator, revealed the debut of TECOH THx LED Light Engine with ZigBee technology – one of the most popular wireless interface standards – to communicate with smart home system for control, automation and monitoring. In addition to having the common advantages of LED, TECOH THx also features a future-proof design for interchangeability with other downlights, smart lighting control and interoperability with other devices via the ZigBee gateway.

  ZigBee technology allows control of LEDs and other smart devices from single point covering the entire home or commercial spaces. A ZigBee certified product, TECOH THx LED Light Engine works with ZigBee compatible gateway for complete home automation from lighting to television, home theatre, refrigerator and computers – all controlled by a mobile app or a remote controller.

  With MEGAMAN TECOH THx LED Light Engine, wireless lighting control can be achieved within one touch. Using smart devices with a mobile app available in iOS and Android through the gateway, or by remote controllers direct, you can control power on/off, dimming and grouping of lights in individual rooms or all rooms in your premises. Another advanced and interesting feature is scene-setting at your rooms to create special ambience for different occasions, during daytime and night time. Seamless dimming can also be performed from 100% to 10% via INGENIUM ZB controls.

Website: www.megaman.cc