• Lighting India
  • Jan 24, 2018

Adlib in Overdrive

 Adlib supplied lighting, audio production and crew for the highly festive ‘Christmas with the Overtones’ tour, renewing a long term working relationship with the popular five-piece harmony group.

  This was among the highlights of a number of shows and tours wrapping up a fantastic year for the Liverpool based rental and production specialist.

  Lighting designer Neil Holloway has worked for The Overtones for around six years, and on this run collaborated closely with touring operator and lighting director, Tess Minor.

  Their starting point was the showfile from the last tour, from which they took some of the classic signature looks which work flawlessly for certain moments. They mixed them up with a crop of fresh and new looks crafted for the show ... which encompassed a number of global Christmas hits and favourites!

  Neil had to spec a rig that would fit in a tight allocation of truck space so this was the galvanising aspect, as the brief was – as always – to create something special and cool.

  He chose fixtures that were multi-purpose, offered many options and would give them plenty of latitude for all of the different sized venues and stages on the itinerary.

  Tess was also working with just one tech – and even though that was Tom Webber, known for his award nominated talents - designing something that could be built sensibly each day by two people was another consideration.

  The decision was made to go with a single back truss and utilise the house rigs for front and key lighting, available at 95% of the shows.

  Hung on the back truss were five Martin MAC Viper profiles and six MAC Aura LED washes which provided lots of variety. They also had two ProLight Solar 36 LED washes, used in conjunction with another two on the floor, to illuminate a series of custom gauze banners at the back created by Back2Front.

  Neil likes to light from the floor for the dramatic angles and dynamics, so another four Vipers were on the deck, a fixture Neil loves for the size-to-weight ratio and ability to go from “massive wide zoomed out looks to tightly tapered super-bright beam scenes”.

  Another eight Auras were deployed upstage/downstage stage left and right for low angled side washes, and six MAC Quantum Washes on different height Manfrotto stands were set up in an arc around the back of the set risers, nicely filling the space between the back truss and the floor fixtures.

  Being a festive tour, there was a load of festoon and six Christmas trees with integral lights positioned in a similar arc to the Quantums on stands. Far upstage – behind the gauze banners – the visual picture was finished with a black wool serge drape.

  A GrandMA2 light with an onPC as backup were utilised for control.

  Adlib also supplied the risers, a set of mid-stage steps and all the relevant dressing to make it look chic onstage.

  Adlib’s lighting account handler was Dave Eldridge, who ensured that everything ran smoothly from the office / warehouse end.

  “Adlib’s people are all absolutely impeccable! They do an incredible job, have great personalities and I am very happy to work with them whenever possible,” stated Neil in conclusion.