• Lighting India
  • Dec 20, 2017

Feit Electric introduces a New Line of Security Lighting

 Feit Electric, a well known global lighting manufacturer and pioneer in energy efficient lighting, revealed Security with Style, a new line of decorative outdoor security lighting. In addition to the timeless designs, Feit Electric’s Security with Style lighting includes simply smart features with built-in light sensors that automatically turn bulbs on at night and off during the day. Equipped with the most advanced LED technology, each fixture works to ensure energy and cost saving benefits for customers while also keeping their business, families and homes secure.

  Feit Electric is proud to offer a diverse line of decorative security lighting fixtures that will complement the existing aesthetics of any home or business with easy-to-install units and various designs to meet individual security needs. Each of the six styles features LED technology that is Energy Star approved with energy-saving innovations that offer value at purchase and savings over time with an average life of 50,000 hours, or 17 years of dependable lighting. The floodlights are unique given the white lens doesn’t show the less than attractive LED’s seen on other fixtures with clear lenses and provides an even glare free illumination.

  Customers can choose from six different outdoor security lighting solutions:

• Half Moon Bronze Dusk to Dawn Security Wall Light
• Mini Stainless Steel Dusk to Dawn Security Flood Light 
• Single Head Stainless Steel Dusk to Dawn Flood Light
• Dusk to Dawn 13” Outdoor Security Area Light 

Website: www.feit.com