• Lighting India
  • Feb 7, 2018

Century LED launches three new ranges of LED lights 

 In a bid to strengthen its position in the LED lighting industry, Century LED, India’s leading lighting solutions company, has introduced three new decorative lights to its existing range. The new ‘Atlantis LED Floodlight’, ‘Aura Slim Plus –Downlighter’ and ‘Glitter –Lamp’, combines the best in efficiency, style and eco-friendliness in its relevant lighting market.

  Novelties in lighting solutions are emerging every day to give wings to the concepts of contemporary decorating needs. Aiming to cope up with the modern lifestyle, Century LED has introduced these new varieties. Available in the price range of Rs 895 to Rs 3000, the new ‘Atlantis LED Floodlight’ comes in different varieties ranging from 10W, 30w and 50W. This is also ideal for garden lighting, monument, signboard and industrial unit lighting. This new waterproof light has a unique low glare output and it comes with a sturdy body made with IP 65, which makes it different from the other contemporary floodlights existing in the market.

  Besides this outdoor lighting solution, Century LED has also introduced the ‘Aura Slim Plus- Downlight’, which will cater to different needs of modified indoor lighting. Available in the price range of Rs 575 to Rs 1295, this easy fit, high lumen efficient light comes with a fall protection clamp and a variety of wattage outputs of 8W, 12W, 15W and the highest of 22W. It has the unique ability to utilise single product serving for both recessed and surface panels that make it a perfect lighting option for living rooms, drawing rooms, balconies or galleries.It also has a detachable ring which can be used in rooms with and without false ceilings. 

  To meet up to the ever growing demands in the hospitality industry, Century LED has launched  ‘Glitter-Lamp’ which is not only compactly sized but is also the seamless match for a refined crafted look in showrooms. It has a wattage output of 7W that promises to replace a 50W Halogen lamp. The ‘Glitter Lamp’ furthermore offers a 36-degree beam angle for a more focussed lighting that enhances the beauty and serenity of any space. Available in GU 5.3 and GU 10, this lamp is priced at Rs 395.

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