• Lighting India
  • Feb 7, 2018

Matthias Hinrichs joins Elation Professional as Product Manager

 Elation Professional is pleased and excited to announce that one of the lighting industry’s most knowledgeable, experienced and affable professionals, Matthias Hinrichs, has joined the company as a Product Manager.

  Matthias is a well-known face in the industry, having worked as a lighting and control systems product manager at Martin Professional since 2003 and prior to that as a well-respected freelance lighting director and programmer. Over the years, the self-described product designer and innovator has worked in staging, audio, as a DJ, lightjockey, in technical support, business development and finally as a product manager for lighting control and automated lighting fixtures.

  “I love dreaming up great products and ideas for the lighting industry and work with incredible teams to realise them from the napkin drawing to highly integrated manufacturing across the globe,” said Matthias, who began in the new position at the start of the year. “In my new role, I am excited to be part of Elation’s commitment to innovation and R&D. Unique fixtures like the recently launched Dartz 360 and Artiste Dali are great examples of Elation’s technological advancements.”

  Elation President Toby Velazquez is thrilled to have such an impassioned lighting pro join the Elation team, commenting, “Within the first hour of meeting Matthias I knew we shared the same passion for the lighting industry. I was convinced he could focus on the details, details, details that are critical to LD’s and our customers and a key to helping them be successful!”